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Thank-you for visiting my kitten page.  I have been in love with the breed for over 20 years now, they are an important part of my family.  They bring me such joy and I am so happy to be able to share that with all my kitten buyers.  At Rainbowragdolls there is a never-ending demand for ragdoll kittens.  And I am just a small hobby breeder who will never have enough kittens for everyone.  So I have decided to no longer have a waiting list.  Any kitten that is available for purchase will be listed under AVAILABLE KITTENS at the bottom of the page.  My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/alberta.ragdolls.


Kittens are priced individually based on overall pattern, color, pedigree, parents show history, quality of past kittens by the same parents, etc.
Pet kittens (which may include mismarks or spots that don’t fit the show standard) are $1600-$2000
Show quality kittens (perfect show markings) $2000+
Breeding kittens will only be offered to registered TICA or CFA catteries

What is included

  • All kittens have received a minimum of two vaccinations by a veterinarian, a vet health booklet will be provided with each kitten
  • Kittens have been dewormed multiple times
  • A TICA registration form (blue slip) will be provided upon proof of spay/neuter
  • A 2-year health guarantee in the form of a contract to be signed by both myself and kitten purchaser
  • Kitten has been microchipped by a vet.
  • A welcome kit from Royal Canin which has coupons and a food sample
  • Toys
  • 6 weeks free pet insurance through petsecure (optional).  30 days free pet insurance with trupanion (optional)
  • Copies of parents pedigrees available upon request.  Also copies of DNA testing on all parents is available which shows that they are negative for HCM, PKD, and many other things
  • Shipping is available within Canada through Westjet and will cost about $350 (includes flight, kennel, and the pre-flight vet check required by the airline).  Some flights in Canada are not possible right now due to limited hours at some westjet cargo offices.
    Buyer agrees to cover the following costs that may occur when shipping cargo (has only ever happened to me one time) a $300 kennel cleaning fee if the kitten soils (poops) in the kennel between connecting flights, a $400 kennel fee if the kitten is taking a connecting flight and the second leg of the flight is cancelled and the kitten has to stay overnight in a kennel (would be Toronto or Vancouver). These amounts are what what westjet charges.
    Shipping outside of Canada is not possible right now.  I will be taking no reservations for kittens from anyone living outside of Canada.
  • Optional:  I am able to neuter most kittens.  Cost will be added to the purchase price.  A typical neuter is $125, spay is $225

Upcoming litters

  • Please note I am not keeping a waiting list.  I will post up kittens periodically as they become available for sale.
  • Due to covid shipping out of Canada is not an option at this time.  I do have a friend that is a licensed broker and can drive back and forth across the border.  I am not sure what he would charge to bring a cat across the border.
  • Due to covid no home visits/pickups will be allowed.  

Available for Reservation

No kittens available at the moment, I will be having kittens born in March