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Regional Winner, Quadruple Grand Champion

NO*Glassrosens Captain Jack Harkness (import from Norway)

Regional Winner-21st best allbreed cat, 7th best longhair, 3rd best ragdoll
Regional color winner-Best Seal lynx point/ bicolor
RFCI’s 5th best adult Ragdoll in the world

Sire:  NO*Glassrosens Hector Barbossa
Dam:  NO*Glassrosens Tribeca

Jack has arrived in Canada.  What a beautiful boy,  a seal lynx bicolor.  He has such a great personality, loves to be held and purrs his head off.  He was shown in a very large class of ragdolls at only 8 months of age, and got enough finals to become a grand champion!  At 1 year of age he was shown at our Edmonton show and got 12 finals!  Best allbreed, many best specialty.  He was the 3rd best cat overall of all cats in the show.
TICA told me in error that Jack is a supreme grand champion, he is a quadruple grand champion.

Jack award

Jack c Jack Calgary cat show

There will be no offspring of Jack sold to Norway, Sweden, Poland or Asia (per my contract with his breeder)


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Tica Grand Champion Rainbowragdolls Prince Charming

Sire: RW, SGC Izzadorablerags Purrminator
Dam: RW, SGC Adorabledolls Northern Dancer

TICA regional color award winner – 3rd best blue point/bicolor ragdoll

Prince is one of the last sons of Purrminator. He is a really beautiful boy and has such a sweet personality.  He is a blue bicolor. Pictured at 3 months old.  N/N for ragdoll HCM.



RW SGC Snugglerags Norweigan Wood

TICA Supreme Grand Champion
2-time Regional Winner-18th best allbreed cat, 13th best allbreed kitten

Sire:  RW SGC Snugglerags Cool Hand Luke
Dam:  Creekcats Phoebe of Snugglerags

I have never received Woody’s registration papers so cannot register any kittens he produces.  He has turned out to be a very expensive pet.  Which is a shame because he is such a nice large boy with the bluest eyes you have ever seen.


California Dream of Rainbowragdolls

Regional color winner-Best Blue lynx point/ bicolor

Sire:  USAPurrs Rock In The USA
Dam:  Rockcreek Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae


TICA wouldn’t let me register him as Oliver, but that is what we named him.   Oliver has arrived in Canada from Rockcreek ragdolls in California.  He is a blue lynx bicolor.  Such a big boy, nice full coat on him, gorgeous blue eyes.  Super sweet personality!



Retired Kings

Previous Kings of ours, their bloodlines live on in some of our breeding cats:

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Rags2dazzle Mench

Sire: CFA GC Islandols Just Mr. Sandman
Dam: CFA CH Ragsnriches Jasmin of Rags2dazzle

TICA RW-16th Best All Breed Longhair Cat SE Region 2010-2011
CFA 2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten SE Region 2010-2011



Champion Riterags Simba of Rainbowragdolls

Sire: OS (Outstanding Sire), RW, QGC Raggledazzle Duke of Riterags
Dam: OD (Outstanding Dam), RW, SGC Riterags Jumbolette

Simba is a Regional Color Award Winner
Best Seal Lynx Point/Bicolor Ragdoll of the Year



Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Izzadorablerags Purrminator

Sire: QGC Showdolls Rumble in the Bronx
Dam: Victoriantreasur Vanilla Latte

Purrminator is a 2-time Regional Color Award Winner
Best/3rd best Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll of the Year
RFCI’s 10th best Ragdoll in the world
19th best AB cat in NW region



CFA Grand Champion Bordeaux Ltd’s Just a Dash O Magic

Sire: CFA GC Bordeaux Ltd’s Risky Bizness, DM
Dam: CFA GC, RW Bordeaux Ltd’s Suzie Q, DM (CFA 2nd BOB Ragdoll Internationally 2005, 18th best cat in Southern Region)

2007-2008 CFA 5th best Ragdoll Internationally, 10th best kitten
4th best adult ragdoll in RFCI
Ragdolls of America 5th best Ragdoll in the world