TICA Registered Kitten Sales Contract

Rainbow Ragdolls
(780) 922-8305

 This contract is between Lise Cardinal, hereafter called breeder and _____________________,
hereafter called buyer. This is a legal and binding contract concerning the purchase of a
purebred Ragdoll kitten from Rainbowragdolls.  This contract is designed to protect the buyer,
the breeder, and the welfare of the kitten.

 Description of Kitten:

Breed: Ragdoll   Color/Pattern:_______________________________  Gender:  Male / Female

Kittens Date of Birth:_____________________

Sire:________________________________________   SBT# with TICA:_____________

Dam:_______________________________________  SBT# with TICA:______________
This kitten is purchased as a Pet for the amount of $__________      Deposit received:_________

Vaccinations and Exams:____________________________________________________


Spay/Neuter Date/Tatoo:____________________________________________________

1st and 2nd shots have been given, a 3rd vaccination is due 3 weeks past last vaccination.  I also recommend
having your vet apply revolution at this visit.

Kitten is being fed:_________________________________________________________


Conditions of Sale:

  1. The buyer and the breeder acknowledge and agree that this kitten is being purchased as a
    pet (which means that it will not be used for stud service or breeding in any fashion).
  2. Breeder guarantees that this kitten is healthy to the best of her knowledge. If any health
    concerns are found the buyer may return the kitten to the breeder within 14 days with an
    explanation from the attending vet for a full refund of the purchase price. No medical or
    travel charges will be refunded.
  3. During the first 7 days this kitten should be isolated from any other pets and monitored
    for health, eating, litter box usage and activity level. The breeder is not responsible for
    any injury or illness to other pets caused by exposure to this kitten.
  4. The buyer is responsible for all veterinarian expenses incurred while the cat is in the
    buyers care.
  5. This kitten has a 2 year warranty (from day of birth) against inherited genetic disease or
    congenital defect. This does not include conditions or infections such as colds, viruses,
    parasites or bacterial infections as these can be contracted anywhere in the environment
    after leaving the cattery and are not a result of genetics or breeding. Please understand
    that no breeder can guarantee that your kitten will never get sick or develop a disease.
    Also understand that no breeder can guarantee what your kitten will look or act like as an
    adult. The single greatest factor in determining the behaviour of your kitten as an adult is
  6. If the kitten dies within the first 2 years of life due to an inherited genetic disease or
    congenital defect, buyer must inform breeder and provide a necropsy from a certified
    veterinarian. Breeder will refund original purchase price or replace said kitten with
    one of equal quality when one becomes available. Shipping is always the responsibility
    of the buyer.
  7. This kitten will be kept indoors and not be allowed to roam freely outdoors.
  8. Under no circumstances will this kitten be sold, leased or given away to any pet store,
    research laboratory, breeding mill, or similar facility.
  9. The buyer agrees this kitten is not to be declawed or all health guarantees are voided.
    This cattery feels this surgery is very inhumane and does not agree with this practice.
  10. The breeder does not warranty the kitten against any adverse reactions to future
  11. The buyer agrees to buy quality kitten/cat food and provide adequate sanitary facilities.
    Buyer also agrees to provide adequate veterinary care and vaccinations. Kitten should
    receive regular claw trimming and be provided with a suitable scratching post.
  12. If at any time in the future buyer can no longer keep the kitten they are responsible to find
    a suitable home. Breeder would be happy to assist in advertising/help with finding a new
    home. If buyer prefers they can return kitten/cat to breeder and breeder will find a
    suitable new home, but no refund will be given. This is to ensure that none of the
    breeders kittens end up in a shelter or rescue situation.
  13. Kitten will be signed up for a free trial of pet insurance. Breeder gets no compensation
    for this, it is for the sole benefit of the buyer. If you wish not to have pet insurance please
    notify the breeder or else you will automatically be signed up.


As the buyer, I accept this contract and agree to abide by the terms thereof, and acknowledge
receipt of receiving a copy of this agreement.


Buyer: ________________________________________________________________

City:______________________ Prov/State:________ Postal Code: _______________

Phone Number:_______________________________ E-mail:____________________


Signature of Buyer: ____________________   Date:____________________________


Signature of Breeder: ___________________  Date:____________________________


Buyer agrees that the contract will be bound by the laws of Alberta and that any dispute
regarding this contract will be settled in a court in the Province of Alberta.  All legal fees and
court costs necessary to enforce this contract, including those incurred by the breeder, will be
the obligation of the buyer.